As owners of a website offering fine, gold, designer handcrafted jewelry, and specializing in bridal selections, we’ve been noticing an interesting trend amongst our customers. It appears that some soon to be engaged couples are purchasing birthstone engagement rings for the bride-to-be. The most popular choices, lately, have been the gemstone in the center, flanked by diamonds on either side, such as with the pink sapphire diamond three stone ring, or emerald diamond three stone ring, as well as ruby diamond three stone ring.

It is an interesting phenomenon, and I was surprised when I got my first call from a woman on the west coast inquiring about purchasing a gemstone ring as her engagement ring. I realize now, that while diamonds are the most popular gems for wedding and engagement jewelry, birthstone engagement rings are increasing in popularity for women for several reasons. First of all, some people always want to do things differently than others, they pride themselves on doing things out of the mainstream, and marching to their own drummer. What grander way to make a statement on your uniqueness than with a birthstone ring as your engagement ring? Secondly, a birthstone ring can potentially cost far less than traditional diamond rings, because many birthstones are semi-precious gems, which typically have a lower value because they are less rare. And finally, some women might find the birthstone ring just layered with symbolism and sentiment. The easiest choice for birthstone rings is to use the bride’s birthstone. You can use the birthstone as an alternative center stone instead of the traditional diamond. With regards to using birthstones in engagement rings, it is important to keep in mind the fragility of certain gems. For example, while sapphire is very suitable to be worn as an engagement stone because of its durability, an opal or tanzanite is not. It is something to consider unless of course, you will not be wearing your engagement ring every day. If longevity is what you are looking for in your birthstone engagement ring, try to choose a gem that can take the wear usually associated with an engagement ringWhatever your reason for choosing a birthstone engagement ring, the combination of semi-precious or precious stones and diamonds, are sure to make for a unique and stunning engagement ring. You can also dress it up with a matching wedding band of alternating diamonds and your birthstone gem.