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A diamond certificate is a document from an independent testing laboratory. That provides all the specifics regarding the diamond: shape, measurements, Carat weight, color, and imperfections or inclusions. It also includes certain characteristics of the diamond's cut and any other comments regarding the specific diamond. Of equal importance is a numerical ID that identifies your diamond as being connected with its certificate.
JewelryNest will provide a certificate for a single diamond with a weight of .70.ct and above, a color grade of "G-H" or higher, and a clarity grade of "SI1" or higher or higher when set in an engagement ring of your choice.

JewelryNest provides you the most Reputable diamond certification laboratories include Gemological Institute of America (GIA). There are other laboratories that exist that offer diamond grading certificates. They vary in reputation and accuracy and you should be advised to evaluate their credentials before choosing to entrust your diamond with them.The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). The American Gem Society (AGS).The International Gemological Institute (IGI), and Hoge Road Diamant or Diamond High Council (HRD).These grading laboratories all utilize the same methodology of diamond grading including evaluating a specific diamond's 4c's by three separate gemologists. The final grade is determined by a majority opinion as to cut, color, clarity, and Carat weight.