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JewelryNest Concierge

JewelryNest Concierge is our outstanding service, including custom jewelry manufacturing and custom design on special requests. We treat each JewelryNest member as a partner, and therefore, we try to assist them with everything they need. As a result, JewelryNest will save you precious money and time and ensure that JewelryNest will do everything you require for you in the right way and on time.

Tension-free full-service custom jewelry manufacturing.

JewelryNest is a renowned full-service manufacturer of custom jewelry. We will manage the whole project from its concept until its creation. You must provide us with the project details, and we will handle the rest.



JewelryNest is not limited to completing projects for you; we also ensure perfect items. Do you feel tense after submitting a project and waiting for the results? Follow the tested and natural process to ensure the clients get what they want.

  • Step 1: Once you provide us with all the details, we will give you an estimate. The computer model will be ready within 1 to 3 working days.
  • Step 2: Review the design with your client. Once the plan is approved, a will produce a model.
  • Step 3: We will deliver the complete piece within 7 to 10 business days.

JewelryNest saves your money and time! Deep your Knowledge

As a complete service provider, JewelryNest will help you protect your precious money and time on custom projects and ensure quality, holding you from stress and exertion.JewelryNest helps you in keeping your precious money both directly and indirectly:

As a technologically advanced company, JewelryNest can provide the best value for manufacturing custom jewelry in bulk and according to quality standards, thus saving you money on the total project costs.

Indirect Savings: Being a full-service provider, we help you save your money by lowering the processing and overhead costs, all while ensuring that the project's smooth execution takes place.

Are you worried about any extra hidden charges?


We adapt our Jewelry Nest services according to the retailers' needs, as we know that no two retailers are the same. Therefore, we offer various services and many stone and diamond qualities, including different retailer requirements.

Also, Jewelry Nest takes care of what your customer thinks. We desire to ensure that your customers are satisfied and let everyone know how excellent your services are. We take care that your client gets what he wants from you at affordable prices and as quickly as possible without taking any chances with the quality.

Our qualities set us apart! Explore your Option.


JewelryNest provides manufacturing for all the product categories and various abilities to serve a wide range of retailers. We understand all retailers are not the same, and we want to give our members a lot of flexible offers to provide the best possible resources. In addition, JewelryNest intends to ensure that a real concierge offers support to our valued members depending on the different degrees of involvement for other diamond qualities and levels of craftsmanship.

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Your Very Own Jewelry Concierge

JewelryNest will help you get almost any loose gemstones, diamonds, or jewelry pieces, even if not included on our website. Loose diamonds: As one of the central diamond wholesale dealers, JewelryNest will help you meet all your diamond requirements. If you cannot find a specific diamond with our diamond help in the demands section, you can contact us to complete your requirements. We may create layouts or matched pairs to meet your certified or non-certified needs. We will also supply high or low-quality melee, ideal cuts, and fancy shapes. If you require custom-cut or fancy-colored diamonds, call Jewelry Nest Concierge, and we will help you meet all your diamond requirements.

Loose Gemstones: JewelryNest will meet all your gemstone requirements, whether it's rare, precious, or semi-precious. Or exotic gemstones like Tanzanite.

Finished Jewelry: If you need unfinished jewelry unavailable through the website, contact JewelryNest, and we will complete your request. You need to provide us with your requirements and budget, and you will give various options. For example, your request can be a cushion-cut diamond certified from CTTW GIA or a tennis bracelet made from 10 CTTW; we will fulfill them for you.

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