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   JewelryNest Capabilities:

The JewelryNest provides manufacturing services for following categories including:-

Matching Bands
    Gemstone Jewelry
    Eternity Bands
    Engagement Rings
    Diamond Fashion Jewelry
    and much more!

JewelryNest provides various levels of custom manufacturing services:

Customization of the existed products: JewelryNest will make changes to almost any item on the website to meet your customer's requirements.

Minor changes: If your client prefers diamonds to be used in half way down style instead of being used in a full style. We will make changes in the model without getting into the whole CAD process thus only one or two days will be added to the standard duration of the production. Whether you prefer the standard cut melee or prefer amethyst instead of ruby center, we will ensure that the manufactured piece will have your desired diamond gemstone or quality.


Redesigns and edits in the old designs: If your customer likes any of our existing designs but prefers larger gemstones within the halo or the origina

l design had an oval center stone and now the client wants that it should

be replaced. Jewelry Nest will make all the changes to make sure that your clients get what they want.


Custom Designs: Jewelry Nest also provides custom-made designs inspired from any sketch or image given by you. You just need to give us the project requirements and leave the rest to us. If you have a CAD with you, then we will print  the design and turn it into a finished piece.

Creation and brand development of a range of products: JewelryNest is not just limited to manufacturing single pieces for you. It is capable of doing much more than that. So if you have the entire product range, signature piece, complete brand, Jewelry Nest will help you. We will manage the development of production of product range, its development, distribution, brand development, marketing, etc.

JewelryNest Concierge provides substantial gemstone, diamond, gemstone and production capabilities to fulfill requirements of jewelry retailer.

Gemstone Diamond: JewelryNest Concierge can fulfill any of your diamond requirements for any of your custom project. The standard quality of diamonds we provide is G-H SI1-SI2. Moreover, we may provide more or less color or standard cut melee or clarity melee. If your piece requires any of the fancy colored diamonds or you require a layout or matching pair, Jewelry Nest will provide you everything you need!

As one of the main gemstone dealer, Jewelry Nest will also help you meet any of your gemstones requirements, whether rare, precious, semi-precious and exotics like Tanzanite.

Manufacturing abilities: JewelryNest provides a large range of manufacturing services letting you create any type of product in different price ranges for various retailers.

Work level: JewelryNest's standard quality varies from medium to high which meets the requirements of 90% of retailers. In case you want the highest quality, we can give you that too with our latest

equipment and high-level workman's   who have the ability to produce the best possible jewelry pieces. Their quality will match the quality of some of the world's most well-known brands.

     International as well as local: JewelryNest does all the manufacturing of custom projects within New York. If you want a bulk manufacturing of pieces,

we can also provide you with international level manufacturing in the factories.

    Special Services: As a manufacturer of fine jewelry, JewelryNest provides various special services like fine hand mill grain, real pave setting,

laser engraved, logo and much more!