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The Concierge Difference:

JewelryNest is expanding continuously amidst the retail members because of a great deal of emphasis placed on providing excellent personal services and covering the extra mile for the retail partners. We have a firm belief that by working together, all involved parties will be successful and this is the reason why we see ourselves as partners in your back-office.

JewelryNest not only completes custom project for you, but we also ensure that it is completed in the right way! We believe in fulfilling yours and your client's requirements surpassing your expectations. We know that if your customers are happy and you are successful, then you will give us more orders thus leading to our success.

You should not just submit the requirements of your project and wait to get the finished product. JewelryNest ensures that you get high-quality end results within deadlines and at affordable rates.

We have a team of custom jewelry experts who make sure that we thoroughly understand the project details before starting. Then we create CAD renderings to make sure that the customer can get a better idea of what the end results will appear like.

In addition to this, we also give recommendations whenever required to make sure that we create a high-quality end product that your clients will love. Do you want us to create a vintage-inspired design? We may give you the advice to apply the mill grain with your hands to enhance its fine quality.

Are you creating a custom band? We will ask you to provide us the original ring as the sample so that we can make sure that we give you a perfect match. If there is any probability of future potential flaws or issues regarding the security of stones, durability of products or any other predictable issues. Jewelry Nest will make it a point to give you information about all these future issues and give you suggestions to deliver high-quality finished products to your clients.

We also realize that all retailers are not same and so are their preferences, therefore we make a point to deliver customized solutions to make sure they get exactly what they are expecting. We offer various levels of work as well as gemstone and diamond options to provide services to a large number of retailers. Our workmanship skills range from medium to high quality, and the default quality of the diamond we use is G-H SI1-SI2. These are the standard quality that is required by almost 90% of retailers. Moreover, if your client wants the highest quality results, we can help you with that too with our modern equipment and highly skilled jewelers capable of making high-quality designs matching the quality of some of the world's most exclusive brands. If you have special requirements like ideal cut melee or VS goods, then you just need to mention it. We will create your required design using your desirable diamond quality or gemstones. If you want the design to be according to a certain budget, we will try to make the design meet your budget requirements as well.