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   JewelryNest provides Concierge Indirect Savings:

    Ways in which JewelryNest helps you to save your money and time in an indirect manner.

    If you are utilizing services of any full-service provider other than Jewelry Nest, then your costs will not just be limited to direct custom project costs like material costs, labor charges, and design fees.

    Logistical Costs: In case you have taken help of more than one service providers for the creation and designing of a customized piece, what is the amount of money that is spent in the transportation of components of customers to and  fro between various service providers?

    JewelryNest will handle the management of entire project right from the beginning to the end making sure that you are not wasting your precious money on different service providers.

    Processing Charges: Your time and money are valuable and limited.

    How much time is being spent on management of a custom project?

    Will you be able to spend some time on more crucial things like generating leads or setting your focus on strategic initiatives of the company?

    Are there other tasks as well that are making you spend more time on your project, or you are juggling between so many projects that it is getting difficult for you to handle them?

    JewelryNest will manage the complete project for you right from its concept to creation, making sure that you get fast turnaround time and flawless execution.

    Other factors: JewelryNest also provides a guarantee to their members that their projects will get executed within deadlines by fulfilling the high-quality standards.

    Have you ever lost any of your clients because you took a lot of time to deliver the final product to the client or the execution of the custom job was not done properly?

    What are the steps that you take when a casting or model isn't created according to the quality standards?

    What do you to fulfill your requirement of a melee of various sizes or more stones caused due to breakage?

    What is to be done if the designs are created with a common flaw?

     What is the amount of money and time that is wasted while fixing all these types of issues? Who is to be blamed when you are working with more than one service providers?

     With JewelryNest, none of these issues are to be faced as we manage the entire project in a seamless manner ensuring that there are no errors throughout the process.

     JewelryNest will help you to save your money and time! Give us a chance, and we will prove it.